P J Abraham-To Meet The Almighty

To Meet The Almighty

By: P J Abraham

Language : English
ISBN : 978-93-847-8683-0
File Type : epub
File Size : 1.58 MB
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SYNOPSIS : The story revolves around Jose, a devout Christianin his early forties, who meets with an accident while riding a scooter with his son on the pillion. A merciless tipper lorry knocks them down, and he is grievously injured, and battles for life, unknowing what has happened to his son. He braces for death, with the hope that death would ake... See more

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To meet the Almighty

Telling a story is an art.P.J.Abraham has shown by telling the wonderful story ,'to meet the Almighty' that he is an expert in the craft of story-telling.Every pause and the every chapter pose the question ,'what next?'.And this is what keeps the sto

Rated on, 06th Apr, 2016

P J Abraham

To meet the Almighty-Worth Reading

The fiction, “to meet the Almighty,” is worth reading because of its uniqueness. Throughout the storyline, the author is able to keep the reader on tenterhooks about the unfolding events. The book is well-structured with an elegant craftsmanship,

Rated on, 04th Apr, 2016

Sri.MK Balakrishnan