Lipin Raj MP-A Phoenix with Broken Wings

A Phoenix with Broken Wings

By: Lipin Raj MP

Language : English
ISBN : 978-93-5432-192-4
Pages : 116
File Type : epub
File Size : 0.64 MB
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SYNOPSIS : The solitary bird that Phoenix is, it demands admiration for the life it creates for itself from the ashes. Can a Phoenix with a broken wing achieve the dreams that it has etched for itself? 'A Phoenix with Broken Wings' tells that one can. This is not a story of sacrifice but speaks of determination and perseverance, the fight against the... See more

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A phoenix with a broken wings

The struggle of a village boy with an unfortunate physical impairment, is really an inspirational guiding story for the thousands of of our village children. The observation of our Great Mahatma Gandhi that "The future of India lies in the villages" can be easily imbibed from this life experience of Shri Lipin Raj. His struggle, impediments he has faced and the career path he travelled ,is really an eye opener to the less privileged village youth. I really appreciate him for sharing and narrating his struggle through this book.

Rated on, 17th Jan, 2021

George Mathew