KR Meera-Aarachar


By: KR Meera

Language : Malayalam
ISBN : 978-81-264-4703-9
Publishers : DC Books
Pages : 537
File Type : epub
File Size : 2.12 MB
INR 450.00, 50% Discount

SYNOPSIS : Aarachar is a story based on the Indian culture of caste and religion. The story illustrated in Kolkata narrates about a family’s culture and profession of “executioner” which was being performed by men from decades. Chetna, that’s what the protagonist of the story called as, father was an executioner, a profession inherited by him.... See more

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A must read book

Rated on, 24th Jun, 2015


excellent! a must read before you die!!

i am really amazed with developments in that story, u must read it before you die!! bit scared because of the size of the book...but finished in 10 to 12 hrs of time ...!!! Thank you KR Meera for such an experience..!!

Rated on, 30th Mar, 2015



An excellent book that will touch our heart

Rated on, 13th Jan, 2015