Joseph Annamkutty Jose-Buried Thoughts-One Life, Many Stories

Buried Thoughts-One Life, Many Stories

By: Joseph Annamkutty Jose

Language : English
ISBN : 978-81-264-7740-1
Publishers : DC Books
Pages : 214
File Type : epub
File Size : 0.37 MB
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SYNOPSIS : Each person’s life is a grand sum of a thousand tales, told and untold, with its uphills and downhills and with its bleakness and magnificence. Here, Joseph is narrating his own life experience with staggering honesty and you feel that you are a part of the plot. They speak to us about love, remembrance, mistake and hope that motivate us... See more

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I have read throughout this book. This one is worth reading. The author supplied an in-depth analysis of his life experiences in an accomplished and thoughtful manner. At the end of the day, after reading this book, one will become thoughtful and rew

Rated on, 27th Apr, 2019


best book

best book

Rated on, 19th Jan, 2019