Madhavikkutty (Kamala Das)-Summer in Calcutta

Summer in Calcutta

By: Madhavikkutty (Kamala Das)

Language : English
ISBN : 81-264-0919-3
Publishers : DC Books
Pages : 77
File Type : epub
File Size : 0.10 MB

SYNOPSIS : Award-winning author Kamala Das’ first book, Summer in Calcutta is a collection of poignant poems that talks mainly of love, betrayal and the resultant pain. These poems are hallmarked by its candid treatment of love and sex and the author’s quest for self.

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The poems define lov

The poems define love and womanhood completely opposed to traditional ideal. They are a search for true love, for silence. The first poem in the collection, “The Dance of the Eunuchs”, carries the main theme- unsatisfied love and lust, which continues in almost all the poems. Powerful, bold poems...

Rated on, 16th May, 2011


This collection of p

This collection of poems includes Das's experiences from her native village, Calcutta and Bombay. They traverse themes of love, desire, liberation, alienation and freedom from domesticity.....some of her best poems.

Rated on, 18th Mar, 2011