K Sanjay Kumar-The Quest for a Smartphone

The Quest for a Smartphone

By: K Sanjay Kumar

Language : English
ISBN : 978-93-5390-681-8
Pages : 37
File Type : epub
File Size : 0.89 MB
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SYNOPSIS : Cyber world is yet another world one must step into. There is no running away from that world which is vast and inevitable. Digitron’s Cyber Moral Stories is a series that educates children about online safety measures. The Quest for a Smartphone is a collection of stories about kids stepping into the world that the screen offers, the challenges... See more

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Strongly Recommended book for Kids

We have several moral stories book for our children to teach them good moral conduct, But why I wondered why there is no book to educate kids on good and bad behaviour while they are online. As a parent I always felt a need to inculcate a culture of

Rated on, 12th Sep, 2020


First of its kind in India-Must read for millenial kids

Internet safety has become one of the most challenging aspects of parenting in modern times. It is a bitter truth that cyber offences against individual and more specifically against children are increasing, a new way and creative ways are being ide

Rated on, 12th Sep, 2020

Kori Sanjay